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Do You Have All the Right Permits?

In order to ensure that your building, or remodeling experience is as smooth as possible, you must make sure you have the right permits. We have the information to guide you through the permit process.

Renovation Permits

The following permits are required when doing an interior renovation*:

Building – 2 copies of the plans, signed and sealed by an architect
Electrical – 2 copies of the plans, signed and sealed by a licensed electrician
Plumbing – 2 copies of the plans, signed and sealed by a licensed plumber
Fire – permit application showing all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, as well as all gas fired utilities and appliances

*If the homeowners are physically doing the work themselves, all of the above signatures can be their own rather than professional tradesmen.

A different inspector will check each of these trades, and once all four have been reviewed and signed, the head construction official will give the final signature for the construction permit to be issued.

Exterior Renovation

The following permits are required when doing an exterior renovation that expands the footprint of the house:

All of the above construction permits are required plus:

Planning Department 
Zoning  – site plans showing all the improvements to the property and how they meet the local ordinances, such as setbacks, heights, and lot coverage.
Engineering – grading and drainage plans drawn by a licensed engineer showing water runoff (only required by certain towns, you can find out from your municipal office)

New Construction

All of the above permits are required for new construction (a new home).

It’s important to note that some towns require a performance bond (an insurance policy of sorts), in which the homeowner pays for the bond and guarantees the streets will be appropriately patched and that all the work on the site plan will be done properly. An engineer will return the bond money once all work is done, but if it is not completed to his satisfaction, the money will be used to fix any problems. This engineer is sub-contracted by the town, unlike the inspectors in the other departments. Therefore, the homeowner is also obligated to put money in an escrow account for the engineer’s fees. The town will draw on that account to pay the engineer for all of the services including inspections, etc. Whatever monies are left over at the end of the process will be returned to the homeowner.

Finally, soil erosion and control permits are also required for any new construction project with a disturbance area over 5,000 square feet.

Sound like a lot of work? Monmouth Custom Builders handles the entire permit process for all its customers. If you’re considering a home construction project, give us a call today at (732) 517-0400 to discuss your project or build! “Like” us on Facebook to see more photos and reviews.

Ensure a smooth construction or renovation project by making sure you have the right permits first.

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