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How We Work With Our Clients

There are many local builders and contractors to choose from. Distinguishing the difference between them at the outset of your research or work can be difficult. Understanding how a company works with its clients and how the company will work with you is crucial to making the best decision for your construction, renovation or remodeling project.

Most of our clients begin their relationship with us on the phone when they give us a call. After that initial discussion, we invite homeowners to visit our corporate headquarters and showroom in Deal, New Jersey. There, we can discuss their project in more detail, get a better sense of the work to be done and answer the homeowner’s questions. We take meticulous notes at all meetings, provide on-schedule follow up and do exactly what we say we’ll do. That approach to business is built into every step of your project. Such a demanding, exact process leaves no detail unaccounted for and no question unanswered. It guarantees superior results, delighted customers and award-winning projects.

Once a homeowner decides to work with us, a detailed timeline of all work to be done is developed. Knowing what’s supposed to happen when gives the homeowner a level of assurance and security that, unfortunately, most other contractors simply can’t deliver. After timelines have been developed and all required permits obtained, it’s time to begin your construction project. With Monmouth Custom Builders on-site, you’ll see a clean-cut, reliable crew of professionals who keep work-sites immaculate and safe. Of course, our on-site crew is backed up by our team of corporate professionals, all of which are available to you at moment’s notice.

For our clients, the best part is when the project is complete. What was once a dream is now a reality. Enjoyment and delight are the order of the day. Over time, the homeowner’s quality of life and enjoyment of their home increases significantly.

There are many local builders and contractors to choose from — here’s how we’re different.


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