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Why Your Home Should Be More Energy Efficient

An energy efficient home does much more than just save you money. In addition to putting money back in your pocket, an energy efficient home is ultimately more valuable and has less of an environmental impact than the average home.

Energy efficiency is an investment.
As you invest in energy efficiency, you’ll see your heating and cooling bills decline. Typical savings range from 5%-15% per month, which, over the course of just a few years can accumulate significantly. Eventually, the money you spend on making your home more energy efficient will be far surpassed by your long-term savings.

An energy efficient home is a valuable home.
In order to leverage the home’s heating and cooling power and operate as efficiently as possible, heating and cooling systems need to be upgraded to become energy efficient. Additionally, high-quality insulation, lighting, and materials must be used in order to maximize the home’s efficiency. Such improvements mean your home will contain more higher quality components that raise its value.

An energy efficient home is a green home.
A home using less power means less consumption of oil, coal, and/or natural gas. Reduced power consumption combined with increased energy efficiency leads to the home emitting less greenhouse gasses to the environment, reducing the home’s contribution to global warming and improving air quality.

As you can see, an energy efficient home is a valuable investment. Monmouth Custom Builders offers many energy efficient and green home choices to local homeowners interested in new green construction, sustainable remodeling or energy efficiency renovations. Give us a call so we can discuss your needs in more detail.

An energy efficient home is a valuable investment.

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