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How to Begin the Process of Elevating Your House

After Hurricane Sandy, FEMA raised the Base Flood Elevation (B.F.E.) in many costal areas. If you reside in any of those areas, you will be required to raise your house above the new B.F.E. (find out your flood elevation here). We’ve put together a list of items you’ll need to get the elevation process started.

The following 6 items are required:

1. Elevation Certificate
COST: $700
This certificate, when completed by a surveyor, will tell you the current elevation of your home. By going to FEMA’s website, you can use this information to figure out how high you’ll need to elevate your house. After raising your home, your insurance company will require another elevation certificate to confirm that it is above the B.F.E. Download a PDF of FEMA’s official elevation certificate here.

2. Structural Plans
COST: $3,000 – $5,000
A structural engineer will create plans of your foundation, including pile size, pile location, and beam size.

3. Architectural Plans
COST: $5,000
An architect will create floor plans and elevations for the new foundation and any decks or patios. Based on what township you live in, your architect may also be able to create a plot plan for you (see below).

4. Plot Plan
COST: $700
A plot plan will show zoning and drainage for fencing, trees, driveways, walkways, garages, wells, septic tanks, drainage  systems, drywells, and pools. The zoning officer in your town will review this plan to ensure that you are meeting all local zoning ordinances.

5. Soil Boring*
COST: $600
Soil boring, or soil sampling, determines whether the soil under your home can support the weight of the existing house plus the additional foundation. If the samples show it cannot, larger footings or piles will most likely be necessary.
*This process may or may not be required — your structural engineer will be able tell you whether you need to complete this step.

6. Building Permits
Click here to see our previous blog post about building permits.


More Information about Elevating

Read FEMA’s PDF: Elevating Your House
Find your area on the Flood Elevations map (type in your address or double click to zoom)

If you need assistance with any part this process, Monmouth Custom Builders is more than happy to help. We are experienced in elevating homes and have in-depth knowledge about what exactly you’ll need in order to protect your home from future flood damage. For any questions or to request a quote for an elevation, call us at 732-517-0400, or email info@monmouthcustom.com.


If you live in a costal area and think you may need to elevate your house, we’ve put together a list of what you’ll need to start the process.

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