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Testimonial from Eli H.

It is very rare that I would take the time to write a letter of recommendation — however, in this instance excellence demands that I do so. Monmouth Custom Builders took over a high-end, total renovation of my family summer’s 100-year old Victorian estate by the Jersey Shore. After reviewing all the different quotes from various firms, MCB’s presentation and professionalism stood out above the rest. Even with never-before handled situations such as:

  • a state-of-the-art professional DJ booth
  • high-end club lighting and effects package with integration of audio, video, and lighting all in one interface
  • complete renovation and modernization of a 35,000 gallon pool outfitted with new heaters and laminar LED-lit fountains
  • all-glass “garage type” cabana doors (which, in the end, rocket scientists could not have fabricated better)

All this and so much more was accomplished in a short time constraint of 6 months (our small beach front borough allows no construction during the summer. Miraculously, it was all done on time.

I am always excited to recommend MCB because they stayed on budget and I was truly happy with the value and efforts afforded to my project.

Monmouth Custom Builders:

  • Always had a foreman at my site who was managed well.
  • Were immaculate as well as respectful to my neighbors (I am a stickler for cleanliness)
  • Were very knowledgeable about the local demands of the municipality’s building departments.

MCB approached this job as if it were their own home. 3 years later, I find myself calling them for minor adjustments, or touch ups, due to the general wear and tear, and abuse such a complex undertakes, and MCB shows up within hours and handles all concerns with a smile, and without an invoice.

MCB has made me one of the proudest homeowners in my community.

– Eli H.

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